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Breakfasts Menu

Many of our products contain allergens.
Please ask staff for details







VIENNOISERIES  (French Pastries)           £1.95

Ask staff for daily availability





Toasted Panettone (v)   £1.95
Toasted Italian fruit cake served with butter    


Two slices of toast (v)   £2.10
Wholegrain or rye bread toasted, served with butter, preserves or honey    

Honey and Cranberry Porridge (v)   £2.75
Hot home-made porridge served with acacia honey and dried cranberries    


Natural Greek Yogurt (v)   £3.95 
Topped with red fruits and honey granola    

Ham and Cheese Croissant   £3.95
 All butter croissant filled with Kasseler ham and Emmental Cheese    
(V - swap the ham for fresh tomatoes)
Salt Beef Bagel   £3.95
Strips of salt beef with pickled cucumber and German mustard    

Smoked Salmon Bagel   £4.50 
Lightly smoked salmon served with cream cheese and chives    

Continental Breakfast Platter    £6.75 
Selection of cooked and cured meats and Swiss Emmenthal cheese 
served with hard boiled egg, tomatoes and wholegrain toast with butter
 Add a regular tea or coffee and a Pago fruit juice to your breakfast for £2.95 before 11am