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Hot Drinks Menu

Many of our products contain allergens.
Please ask staff for details






Filter Coffee                                      
Cafetiere   £2.10


Kleiner Schwarzer    £1.50
Single Espresso     


Grosser Schwarzer   £1.95
Double Espresso    

Kleiner Brauner   £1.75
Single Espresso with a dash of Steamed Milk    

Grosser Brauner   £2.20
Double Espresso with a dash of Steamed Milk    

Kapuziner   £2.25
Cappuccino topped with Chocolate or Cinnamon      

Grosser Kapuziner   £2.70
Large Cappuccino topped with Chocolate or Cinnamon    

Melange   £2.65
Double Espresso with Steamed Milk    

Franziskaner   £2.95
Melange topped with Whipped Cream    

Einspanner   £2.25
Double Espresso topped with Whipped Cream    

Verlangerter Schwarzer   £2.10
Single shot Americano served with hot or cold milk    

MilchKaffee    £2.35
Cafe Latte    

Mocha   £2.95
Single Espresso and Hot Chocolate shot with foamed Milk  (Large Mocha 45p extra)    

Mozart Kaffee   £3.50
Double Espresso with Brandy, topped with Whipped Cream and a dusting of Cocoa    

Eiskaffee   £3.95
Double Espresso poured over Vanilla Gelato, topped with fresh milk, Whipped Cream, a Wafer
and Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Affogato   £3.25
Double shot of Espresso poured over Vanilla Gelato    


 (Decaffeinated Coffee and Semi-skimmed or Soya
 milk available on request)


Add the following to your drink:

Whipped Cream   £0.45
Flavoured Syrup Shot   £0.45
Espresso Shot   £0.45
Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut (please ask for other flavours)    





Small Pot                                               £2.15
LargePot £3.50


English Breakfast
Classic English Breakfast blend
(decaffeinated available)
Earl Grey
Orange Pekoe black tea with cornflower petals,
unbelievable taste and aroma
Organic Indian Assam tea, full bodied, brisk
and flavoursome
Cochin Masala Chai
Full bodied Chai with cardamom and ginger notes
Lapsang Souchong
China Black tea. A crisp character with the heady aroma of an oak fire
Japanese Green Sencha
Aromatic and refreshing Japanese green tea
Fresh, pleasant and refreshing. Caffeine-free
Cranberry and Apple
Caffeine-free aromatic pink tea blend
Egyptian Camomile
Soothing, aromatic and fragrant caffeine-free tea
Provence Rooibos
Caffeine-free floral and fruity tea.with lavendar notes and hints of elderberries and rose flowers



All of our Hot Chocolates are made using 65% Cacao Columbian Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Shot   £2.25
An intense shot of melted Chocolate infused with a syrup of your choice    


Hot Chocolate   £2.75
A classic - Chocolate infused with hot Milk. (Add Cream or Marshmallows for 45p each)    

Tipsy Chocolate   £3.50
Infused with hot milk and warming Dark Rum - topped with whipped cream and cocoa    

Eisshokolade   £3.95
Chocolate Sauce poured over Vanilla Gelato, topped with fresh milk, Whipped Cream, Wafer,
and Chocolate Coated Honeycomb