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Wally's Festive Menu

Many of our products contain allergens.
Please ask staff for details



SET MENU   (2 courses for £10.50 or 3 courses for £14.00)


First course 

Smoked Salmon Crostini     £4.25
Smoked salmon with cream cheese, lemon, dill and red onion on lightly toasted bread    

Soup and a roll (v)   £4.25
Our soup of the day served with artisan bread and Welsh Brie    

Pate and Toast    £4.25
Gourmet pate served with artisan bread, chunky fruit chutney, and a rocket and pear garnish.    



Second course  

Smoked Turkey Sandwich    £7.50 
Sliced smoked turkey, stuffing balls and Bowland cheese on a peppery red onion and rocket salad, drizzled with cranberry sauce, served on seeded wholemeal bread with a side of potato salad.                                                                                                                

Brie, Walnut and Cranberry Sandwich (V)   £7.50 
Creamy Welsh Brie, rocket,,red onion and a zesty carrot and beetroot salad, topped with apricots, on artisan walnut bread, drizzled with cranberry sauce and a side of potato salad.     




Panettone Tiramisu (v)   £4.25
Panettone soaked in single origin coffee and marsala wine, layered with sweet mascarpone cream and topped with Chocolate flakes and cocoa.    

Eton Mess (v)   £4.25
Layers of freshly whipped cream, strawberries and meringue pieces, drizzled in brandy chocolate sauce and topped with flaked almonds.    

Affogatto (v)   £4.25
An espresso shot served alongside a scoop of our chocolate and hazelnut gelato for you to mix and enjoy at your leisure.    

Apple Strudel (v)    £4.25
Traditional Austrian apple strudel served hot with vanilla gelato.    




Festive Drinks

German Gingerbread Tea  (small)     £2.15
German Gingerbread Tea  (large) £3.50
Black Forest Hot Chocolate, served with whipped cream   £3.65
Spiced Gingerbread Latte    £2.80
Add whipped cream   £0.45
* Add a dash of brandy or rum to your drink   0.75



Gluhwein and 3 Lebkuchen   £3.95
Italian Prosecco (11%)  - Glass (125ml)   £3.95
Italian Prosecco (11%)  - Bottle   17.95
Limoncello and 4 amaretti biscuits   £3.95


Festive Bites!

Toasted Panettone   £1.95
Stollen (vegan)   £1.95
Lebkuchen (v) (six pieces)
Traditional German iced gingerbread biscuits
Mozart kuglen (v)   £0.95
Baci Truffle   £0.95